Taskclone for Evernote

The Problem

I work a great deal in Evernote - I develop lesson plans, document meetings with students, and plan projects with colleagues in Evernote consistently.  In recent semesters, I actually require my students to use Evernote so that I can share notes and resources with them in a streamlined fashion.  I am sure that in future posts, I will be sharing the many and various ways to use Evernote effectively in academe.

But one of the problems many Evernote users face is how information can get "stuck" in a note. If, during a meeting, I write some tasks in the note that need to be completed, I could (and do) forget to migrate those tasks into my task manager.

The Solution

Taskclone is a nifty, and relatively inexpensive, solution to the problem.  It will scan through notes to find tasks and send them to one of about 40 different task management systems (Omnifocus, Nozbe, Todoist, etc.).  The end result is that I can type away in Evernote during a meeting, and be confident that any tasks I've created will automatically migrate into my Omnifocus for processing.

Taskclone looks in notes tagged "taskclone," and finds text that follows a checkbox...

Once Evernote is synced, Taskclone will find the three checkboxes in the note, and send them to my task manager.  Notice how those same three items are now in my Omnifocus inbox...


Tips and Tricks

  • Pricepoint: At the time of this posting, the Taskclone's pricing (as described above) is $11.95/year.  For $15.95/year, you can also connect gCal entries as well as task entries.  For my money, it was worth the extra $4.
  • Customization: Notice that the tasks in Omnifocus begin with "|EN|" for "Evernote."  You can change how these look in the Taskclone web menu.
  • Links: Taskclone places a link to the Evernote note in the "notes" section of the task.  You can set whether this is a link to the app, or to the Evernote web.  I recommend selecting the web option, as it opens the note in a browser.
  • Migrated Tasks: Once a task has been migrated out of Evernote, Taskclone places a marker in the Evernote note to ensure it doesn't get migrated again.  By default, the Evernote marker is "|TC|"  It is important to leave that marker in the note - if you remove it, the task will be sent again at the next sync.
Posted on December 9, 2014 and filed under Task Management, Evernote.