Helping Students Manage Part 1: Using iCal for Task Management

I've elected to start a series of posts on helping students manage time and tasks effectively. I have learned that when students see their faculty using good methodology, they ask for help. That said, setting a student up for OmniFocus is not always a good first step.

Several weeks ago, a student asked me whether he could just use his iCal to manage tasks.  My first reaction was, "Probably not." But as I looked into it, I found a way to make that happen.

The key to this method is to use the "All Day" banner section of the calendar to create tasks. This really only works when a person has a few tasks to manage, but it can be done. It's not REALLY a GTD approach, but the students with whom I've shared this have found it to be a great entry-level approach to managing tasks. Time will tell whether they let me help them navigate thicker weeds ;-)

Below is a screencast I created to help my students use the method. Feel free to share it with any students who need a quick and easy solution.

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Posted on October 2, 2015 and filed under Calendar Management, Task Management.