Geektool Desktop

If I were nearly as cool as I like to think that I am, I would have probably done something different with my Friday night; but as it is, I spent waaaaaaay too much time putting this together.  Scratches every nerd itch I've ever had!

Geektool is a kind of hacky program that allows a Mac user to create "live" desktops by combining images, shell scripts and textfiles.  I actually know VERY little about this stuff (I can't write even a simple script without creating wrinkles in the fabric of the space-time continuum), but there appear to be lots of helpful and creative people working with this stuff, and they share their scripts and geeklets (little shells with commands already programmed) freely around the net.

For the record, I created a desktop image with the boxes and saved that image as a jpeg.  The Geektool shells sit on top of the image.  Here's a rundown of the scripts that are running...

  • Geektool - This is the actual program that makes live-desktop possible on the mac
  • Agenda - This block is empty on the screenshot - I was already done with appointments for the day ;-)
  • Weather - This is a set of scripts and commands that some guy called roadglide03 put together.  Shows the temp, and image of the weather, and a little text for the general weather for the day
  • Calendar - This is a simple shell script where you command "cal".
  • Email Inbox - This script, written by someone with the screen name Tresni, will query the apple mail inbox and list emails (up to 8).  This helps me keep track of how many emails need to be processed.
  • OmniFocus - Some guy with a screen name Psidnell created a really command line tool that will query your OmniFocus database and export to different outputs.  This honestly took me the most amount of time to figure out.  I created one that is called OmniFocus Inbox to keep track of how many tasks need processing, and another called OmniFocus Due that show tasks that have a duedate of Today.  Rest assured, if I did it, you can too.  


Posted on March 27, 2015 and filed under Calendar Management, Task Management.