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Managing calendars, tasks, and other workflows in Higher Education is a special and unique challenge. This site is designed for folks who work in the academic setting: department heads, directors, administration, administrative coordinators, faculty, and students. Basically, anyone who wants to streamline and integrate their academic workflows for greater efficiency.

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About Scott

Scott Self is the Director of University Access Programs at Abilene Christian University. He has a long professional history of thinking and learning about productivity and workflows – probably because he is extremely disorganized and forgetful by nature.

Since 1993 (when he first attended the Franklin Quest Time Management Seminar), Scott has given a great deal of his para-professional time focussed upon improving workflows for himself, and for those with whom he works. He’s not a productivity specialist – he’s a productivity consumer. But, because nerds behave in predictable ways, he’s made this interest a bit of a passion – and so he ultimately decided to share it with other nerds.

Contact Scott Self

Email: scott.self@acu.edu
Twitter Handle: @jss00c